» Let Me Sing Your Cock Off

Let Me Sing Your Cock Off

Featuring: Sandra Blake and Jarrod Steed
Date: August 15th, 2018
Photos: 25
Sandra Blake excitedly drops by some guy's house with a Models Wanted flyer. What makes her stand out from the pack? The audition managers want to know. Well..Sandra says she can sing. However, one verse from Sandra and the manager calls for a cut. He has a better idea. And Sandra gets his drift fast. He would rather she audition for a cock-karaoke with his meat-microphone. Sandra is up for the task, and yes, she can sing his cock off. After she blows his pants off, she gets one of the hottest, sweetest fucks she's ever had as he pounds her into the couch. The sweat drips down their bodies as they pump in doggie, cowgirl and missionary positions.

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