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Sing, Suck, Fuck

Featuring: Atlantis and Tony Rubino
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What does the segue from singing in a tryout to fucking in a tryout sound like? Might be something along the lines of, "C'mon. You don't think Beyonce got where she is on talent alone, do you?" or "Show us what else you can do with your mouth and we'll make you a star." Whatever the bait was, Atlantis took it, and we're glad she did. Her voice isn't that great, but her body is super-sweet eye candy. We'd much rather watch her fuck than listen to her sing. Wouldn't you? She's a natural around cock, taking it in her mouth and pussy and like it's what she was born to do. We've got to give this guy a hand for getting her to shut her piehole and open her fuckhole for our entertainment. Bravo!

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