» Hula Hoochie

Hula Hoochie

Featuring: Ann Parker and J.T.
Date: July 10th, 2018
Photos: 26
Like lots of other wannabe celebrities, Ann Parker has delusions of fame and fortune. She thinks she's going to win over audiences with her incredible..hula-hoop skills? Come on now! It's going to take more than that. The guy holding the audition is not impressed, but he wasn't expecting to find any real talent anyway. This was just a ploy to get fame-hungry chicks back to his place so he would fuck them. He tells Ann he's not convinced she has that "star quality." Maybe not, but she knows she has plenty of slut quality! Just like she gyrated her hips for that hula-hoop, she gyrates round and round on his cock. At least she's good at something!

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