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Boob Tune-up

Featuring: Whitney Stevens and J Mac
Date: 09/25/2020
Duration: 17:35 min.
There's nothing like a helpless nympho and a knowledgeable mechanic to create the perfect scenario for a lube job that tops off with a happy ending. When Whitney blows her transmission, she takes her car to her local mechanic so he can take a look under her hood and fix her auto right up. But when she gets the bill and realizes that she can't afford the wear and tear on her engine, she decides she needs a discount. How do you make parts and labor come out cheaper? By giving the wrench monkey a superb tit and tug job for his work. When Whitney whips out her plump knockers she proves that her mechanic isn't the only one who is handy with a tool. She lubes that cock right up and wraps her titties around it, talking dirty and using both her hands around this man meat. Of course you can tell this filthy whore loves every minute of it. She is so cock-crazed that she gets naked right in the shop without worrying if other mechanics might catch her revving this guy's engine. True to her word, Whitney works hard for that discount, jerking and twerking this dong until it squirts. What does this tiny tart appreciate more than good service? Servicing the mechanic who helped her out, of course.

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