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These Tits Were Made For Tugging

Featuring: Veronica Rayne and Commando
Date: 11/13/2020
Duration: 20:35 min.
What do you get when you give an uber hottie like Veronica Rayne a hotel room, some lube, a porn stud and the instructions like, 'Show us what you can do with those tits, sweetie.." and then you start rolling? You get a fuckin' hot tug job on film, that's what. Veronica was so into giving the tug job that she just spontaneously started talking dirty. And if you thought she was just a good pair of porno titties, you have to get a load of her naughty talk. Let's put it this way, her dirty ramblings will make you want to drop your load on her tits, her face and in that potty mouth of hers. She works cock with lots of gusto and who doesn't like a girl who is excited about holding and rubbing your junk? What else is good about Ms. Rayne? We'd venture to say that she is a hard worker. Ever nail one of those work, twerk and jerk hos that takes charge of your cock and lets you sit back, relax and get fucked? That's exactly how Veronica handles this package. She is on it the minute it comes in the room until the moment it cums and we like commending diligence like that. So here's a cock up for you, Veronica. Way to go.

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