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Tubtime Titties

Featuring: Lavish Styles and Alex Star
Date: 04/17/2020
Duration: 17:14 min.
We are going to list why this is such a great video right off the bat. First of all, this video stars a delectable big-titted hottie. That alone is enough to make it quality entertainment. Second of all, said big-titted hottie is a sexy black chick. That means her tits are a wonderful shade of mocha, and who doesn't love chocolate? Seriously. Third of all, said big-titted mocha hottie is standing in a hot tub, covered in bubbles. Yup. Say it with us: Big, wet, chocolate tits. Almost makes your mouth water, huh? And finally, said big-titted, sopping wet, mocha hottie is a horny cock-milking slut who wants nothing else other than to remove a few ounces of sperm from your nut sac. Yeah, we said it.

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