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Big Tits = No Ticket

Featuring: Jolie Rain and J.T.
Date: 11/20/2020
Duration: 18:09 min.
No one likes to get handed a ticket by a cop. Especially not after you have tried to talk and negotiate your way out of it. But sometimes, when you are dealing with the fuzz, you have to talk faster, negotiate harder and get out of that ticket anyway you can. And that's what Jolie Rain does. She talks fast and negotiates her ass off but this douchebag still hands her a citation. But don't feel bad for Jolie because this girl doesn't take this ticket sitting down. She springs into action showing this cop her mighty top when she whips her tits out for his pleasure. She offers him a trade: Her tits for the disappearance of said ticket. Our boy in blue doesn't think twice about it. Why wouldn't he want to get a great tug job from Jolie? With her full tits and pretty pink nips, we are sure she gives one mean tit job.

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