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Pretty Pipe Cleaner

Featuring: Goldie Blair and J.T.
Date: 11/06/2020
Duration: 13:53 min.
There's something about a hot chick with big tatas in red lingerie, waiting for you in the kitchen. It's almost perfect. The only thing that's missing is a cold beer in her hand while she is waiting on her knees to suck your dick. But what if she said, "Honey, today I want you to fuck my big, luscious tits with your dick and then spray me with cum..then I'll make you a pie," wouldn't that be the most-perfect moment of all time? We think so. If Goldie were your girlfriend, then every day would be perfect, because she loves to titty fuck. She may not make you a pie afterwards, but she would probably let you get in her pie, since she seems to be pretty easy. (Not that this is a problem.) She told us she likes it almost as much as she loves to give blowjobs. Yes, she loves to give blowjobs, too. And she likes to lick cum off her tits. She's a pipe cleaner and a cum-cleaner, all in one.

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