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Cindy's First Cock

Featuring: Cindy Cupps and J Mac
Date: 10/30/2020
Duration: 24:07 min.
The wonderful thing about this video is that it's Cindy Cupps and a cock. Period. Ms. Cupps has been one of our favorite big titters for a long time, but she was always hesitant to get it on with any dong..even though all you big-boob fanatics were begging her to go all the way. And who wouldn't want to blow a load all over Cindy? With those saucer-sized areola and those balloon-sized jugs, she is a keeper. So when we suggested that instead of devouring and pouncing on a cock that she might want to use her mams and cute hands to stroke one into submission, she was all for it. And for someone who claimed, or maybe feigned, not being into working a cock on camera, Cindy strokes this one like she's been doing it for years. She rubs her big tits all over it and then she grabs on to it and jerks, jerks, jerks it until this guy is harder than college algebra. Then she wraps it up nice and snug in her tit-pussy and rocks her rack up and down until we have blastoff and this guy is creaming all over her. Seeing Cindy handle man-meat for the first time ever is a thing of beauty.

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