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Cream O' Cans

Featuring: Alexis Silver and J.T.
Date: 04/10/2020
Duration: 15:40 min.
Don't you love getting something for nothing? We sure do. It's wonderful to just receive and not have to give back. For example, Alexis Silver is horny and so is this lucky bastard right here. So, instead of demanding that he eat her pussy and finger her, and get her all worked up and make her cum repeatedly, she says, "Hey baby, let's put MY needs on the back burner and let me take care of YOU." So, she pleasures him with her rack and her wonderful, nubile hands. She even sucks on his balls (and we all know how difficult it is to get a no-strings-attached balls-sucking these days, eh?) and lets him finger her tight asshole, too. And when he throws his head back and lets it rain man sauce all over her, Alexis says thanks and that is that. She doesn't say, "Hold me," or, "Can you get me a tissue and glass of water?" Nope. She just says, "Thanks for the cum," and plays with it. Talk about being a giver. Alexis is an angel in our books.

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