Victoria Lobov in Dream Housewife

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SCORE and 40Something magazine editor Dave wrote about this scene: "By the way, the guy in the scene is Victoria's actual husband and the house is their actual house in Texas. Some guys have all the luck." Dave got to interview Victoria in person the first time she visited, so many would say that he had a little luck himself. Mr. Lobov is watching his wife getting fucked in a SCORE Group video appropriately titled "Sex With A Stranger." While he's happily jacking, his lovely bride, Victoria, is dusting the furniture elsewhere in the house. Of course, she's dressed like the sex bomb she is and our image of how a sex bomb like Victoria dresses at home on any given day. Victoria wonders what her hubby is doing in his den and walks over. Victoria hears a familiar-sounding, moaning female voice coming from his man cave so she investigates and enters the room to see him "studying" her video. "What are you doing?" Victoria asks in her sweet, wifey voice, even though she sees what he's doing.
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Starring: Victoria Lobov
Duration: 17:37 Mins. of XXX Action!
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