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Julia Mendoza is just killing it with those tight leggings that cling to her booty and legs like spray paint. She turns around and shows off her huge tits to complete the voluptuous vision. "When I leave my home, I wear tops that really show how busty I am," Julia told us. "I don't cover up. I don't want to hide what I have because I am proud of my body. Low-necklines, tight dresses and very sexy blouses and tank-tops are what I look for when I shop for clothes." SCORELAND: Julia, what are your sexual fantasies? Julia: I would love to have sex on the beach, on a yacht or on the sand. SCORELAND: Are you sexually assertive or passive? Julia: I am assertive in bed and every place else. SCORELAND: What sexually satisfies you the best? Give me oral sex and play with my tits a lot. They want a lot of attention. SCORELAND: How often do you have sex? Julia: It depends. Every month is different. SCORELAND: What is your favorite position? Julia: I like being on top and also on all fours. SCORELAND: What type of foreplay do you like? Julia: There's nothing better for me than oral sex..
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Starring: Julia Mendoza
Duration: 15:51 Mins. of Solo Action!
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