Jessica Bunnington in My Living Doll Jessy Bunny

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"You can call me Jessy or Jessy Bunny. Or you can just call me Jessica," said Jessica Bunnington, a young, pretty German who loves big tits and big lips and the sexiest outfits she can buy. All pink and blonde, Jessy became a member of Bimbo Nation as soon as she could, and she's not finished in her bimbofication process. The sexy babydoll has a Youtube channel, Jessy Bunny, in which she explains all about her breast quest. "At home in Munich, Germany, people are always looking at me and I love it. Normally people stare and take photos of me when I'm outside. I like that and I am always happy to take pictures with them. "I found you because so many people had written to me and said, 'Oh my god, Jessy, why don't you shoot for them? They're searching for big, busty models and you're a perfect fit for them.' So I took a look at SCORELAND and said, I have to write to them! and now I'm here!" Jessy plays with her big, pierced tits and finger-fucks her shaved pussy.
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Starring: Jessica Bunnington
Duration: 19:05 Mins. of Solo Action!
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