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Busty, young and lovely, Emma Shay is a blue-eyed blonde with a curvy body and a giggly, approachable girl-next-door personality. Her debut at SCORELAND was in a video she made at home. Emma's second SCORELAND video was a Tits & Tugs special. It began as a sexy outfit try-on before Emma got hands-on and left the guy drained. Now Emma's here for a full-on boy-girl. Emma's co-pilot on this sex flight asks her several questions off-camera before he joins her. Is this her first boy-girl scene? Is she nervous? He notices her ring and asks if she's married and what her husband thinks about her nude posing. Joining her on the couch, Nade helps Emma take her big, natural tits out and sucks on them.
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Starring: Emma Shay and Nade Nasty
Duration: 24:14 Mins. of XXX Action!
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