Amber Alena in Amber Alena Busts Out Big Time

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Amber Alena said she was going to supersize her already-big tits, and when Amber makes a decision, she follows through. "My boobs are 1500cc, which translates, depending on the brand and the country, to about a 28I," Amber said when she first appeared at SCORELAND. This is the "new" Amber and her boobs are even more mind-blowing. SCORELAND: Hi, Amber. When you debuted at SCORELAND, you told our photographer Jose that your boobs were at 1500cc. What are they now? Amber Alena: My implants are currently 2400cc. SCORELAND: How do they feel to the touch now? Amber Alena: They feel amazing! Firm, yet soft. SCORELAND: What size bra and brands have you been buying now? Amber Alena: I have been wearing nothing but workout bras because they felt more comfortable during my recovery time. I don't know my size accurately yet but, I'm guessing I am a bra size 30-32 M or N cup and will definitely get measured soon to confirm. SCORELAND: Do you need bra fittings now or can you find off the rack? Amber Alena: Bra fittings and specialty online bra shops are absolutely needed now! Finding a bra in the store is impossible now and I love it! SCORELAND: What about shoulder belts in cars fitting comfortably? Amber Alena: Shoulder belts in cars are uncomfortable for me now. I never experienced this until this third implant surgery.
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Starring: Amber Alena
Duration: 19:32 Mins. of Solo Action!

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