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Lucky Loser

Featuring: Scotty Skies and Dylan Scott
Date: April 30th, 2020
Duration: 10:23
The "Loser" has struck gold again with Scotty Skies, a 21-year-old cutie from Arizona, who drove all the way to Los Angeles, California with�believe it or not�her boyfriend, to fuck on camera for the first time. Now, we think Scotty should've held out and insisted that she get to fuck her boyfriend in her first scene, but, no, the "Loser" gets lucky again. But not before he insults her porn name (really, Scotty Skies) and tries to make her as nervous as possible. Perhaps he succeeds, but you'd never know by the way she sucks a cock. Scotty has the kind of looks that don't say "porn star" but do say, "If she wants to be a porn star, she could be a big star." Okay, once again, the "Loser" asks Scotty what she's going to do if her loved ones find out she fucked the "Loser" in front of the camera, a topic she clearly doesn't want to discuss but he insists on discussing anyway. We are, once again, amazed that the girl doesn't walk out of the apartment, but she doesn't. Some chicks are just that desperate to be stars. Distinguishing characteristics about Scotty: 1.) She giggles a lot. 2.) She has tattoos on both arms. 3.) She has very long hair.

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