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Taking One For The Team

Featuring: Kitana and Dylan Scott
Date: April 4th, 2019
Duration: 14:22
The highlight of this scene is when Kitana, a tall, thin 22-year-old from Troy, New York, laughs at the loser's cock. We'd been waiting for that to happen for a long time, and here, it happens. But, first, some setup. Kitana has long, black hair and a big tattoo on her back. She's wearing sexy panties, but we hardly get to see them because the Loser doesn't like to leave anything to the imagination and has her take it off right away. We get the feeling that Kitana is really into the tease (and probably spent a long time picking out those panties) and would have rather left them on because she knows how much guys love sexy panties. But the Loser, being a loser, has every girl do the exact same thing. It's when Kitana is naked that she laughs at the Loser for the first time. He asks her, "Are you ready to get down and funky," which is language we haven't heard in a long time. Yeah, she's ready to get down and funky, and she's standing there totally naked when he asks her if she wants to back out.

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