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Anything to be a porn star

Featuring: Cossette and Dylan Scott
Duration: 13:31
At the beginning of this scene, Cosette, a 23-year-old college student with reddish hair and pigtails, tells us, "This is gonna help me pay my way through school." Now that's the kind of thing we like to hear! At this point, we'd love to hear about where Cosette is going to college. We'd love to hear about her co-ed adventures. Maybe whether she's ever fucked one of her professors. Does the Loser ask any of those questions? Of course not. "So, you have no problem with people finding out about this," he asks. "Parents know? Friends know?" And, once again, we're left wondering, Why does he ask these questions? Fortunately, Cosette is so eager to make a fuck film that even the Loser's downer real-life intrusions can't de-hornify her. "Are you nervous?" he asks her as she takes off her clothes, probably making her more nervous with the question. Questions the Loser could ask: "How old were you when you lost your virginity?" "What's your favorite position?" "What's your favorite thing about sex?" "Is there any way you'd fuck me if I wasn't paying you?" Okay, even he's not going to ask that last question. There's no way in Cosette's wildest fantasies that she imagined her first scene would be with such a loser. The good news, of course, is that she wants to be a star, and that means she tries hard, and that means we get a great scene, complete with Cosette gagging herself on the Loser's cock.

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