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Heather Pink - XXX Amateur video
Little Tease
Featuring: Heather Pink
Heather can be a real tease. The Loser asks her to take off her clothes. She takes off just her top. "Keep going?" she asks.
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Tori - XXX Amateur video
As Horny As They Cum
Featuring: Tori
As "Porn Loser" girls go, Tori is as horny as they come. The amazing part is that she stays horny throughout the scene, even when the Loser is fucking her. Even when he has to interrupt her doggie-style pussy poking to adjust one of the cameras, leaving her without a cock in her cunt and us with, thankfully, a view of her ass, pussy and asshole, courtesy of a secondary camera. Tori is 5'5", 128 pounds of fun from Minnesota (she's now living in Los Angeles).
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Gem - XXX Amateur video
The Loser Bags A Stunning Babe
Featuring: Gem
A little over a minute into this video, Gem takes off her top and skirt, revealing a super-tight, super-curvy body in a black bra and sexy matching panties. At this point, a normal man would express some admiration for Gem--or as the Loser always refers to it, "what we're working with here." But not the Loser, who doesn't say a word, leaving Gem to stand there awkwardly, waiting for some glimmer of approval. Finally, when Gem has all of her clothes off, the Loser says, "Awesome. Great body.
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Kelsey Michaels - XXX Amateur video
Pretty In Pink
Featuring: Kelsey Michaels
Welcome back to, home of the only man in the world who can have a beautiful, young woman say to him, "I'm a nympho,"and not ask for details. The nympho in question is Kelsey Michaels, a 5'3" 105-pound brunette from Nashville, Tennessee. In what ways is she a nympho? What are some of her nympho adventures? If you brush up against her, will her pussy start juicing? We don't get the answers to any of those questions because the Loser doesn't bother asking them. There are many things we can say about Kelsey.
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Kandi - XXX Amateur video
Who's the first-timer here?
Featuring: Kandi
The Porn Loser is proud to present a barely-legal, 18-year-old California girl with measurements of 34-24-34 and an eagerness to fuck that's unmatched by most women twice her age. She's a brunette with a tight, cute body, nice, firm tits and a shaved pussy. She's wearing black, sexy, lace tights and a pink lingerie top. This girl is a winner.
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