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Gem -  Amateur model


Video: 14 mins
Ethnicity: Other
Hair Color: Brunette
Body Type: Stacked

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The Loser Bags A Stunning Babe
The Loser Bags A Stunning Babe
Featuring: Gem
A little over a minute into this video, Gem takes off her top and skirt, revealing a super-tight, super-curvy body in a black bra and sexy matching panties. At this point, a normal man would express some admiration for Gem--or as the Loser always refers to it, "what we're working with here." But not the Loser, who doesn't say a word, leaving Gem to stand there awkwardly, waiting for some glimmer of approval. Finally, when Gem has all of her clothes off, the Loser says, "Awesome. Great body.
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