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Her Berries, Your Cream
Her Berries, Your Cream
Featuring: Candy Manson
"You just lay there, bitch boy," demands Candy. "Be my footstool while I enjoy this strawberry." You see, Candy is in the mood for a snack while she shows her favorite footboy who the boss is. Clad in nude stockings, Candy mashes berries and lets the juices seep into the mesh over her tootsies while her juices seep out of her pussy. And all the while, her slave watches with his cock imprisoned in the pantyhose she is making him wear.
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Shoplifting Shoe Slut
Shoplifting Shoe Slut
Featuring: Kalee Hunter
Kalee has sticky fingers and is constantly stealing shoes. She can't help it. She is a shoe slut and the colors and textures of all the footwear in the mall excite her. She steals the shoes she likes and then goes home and wears them while she touches her pussy.
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Undercover Foot Lover
Undercover Foot Lover
Featuring: Misty Dawn
Misty used to be a foot prude until her perverted neighbor turned her out to some foot love. So when she is getting dressed and tears a hole in her pantyhose, she looks over to her boyfriend and wonders if he would be game for some foot sex. She starts to take her pantyhose off, but her boyfriend tells her to wait a second and come over to him. That's when he confesses that he wants to fuck her feet with those torn pantyhose on.
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Slutty Little Socks
Slutty Little Socks
Featuring: Keeani
10 toes covered in cute, little cotton socks. Shiny and smooth bare legs that sway and move in front of you. Follow those caramel stems up to a pert, round ass and up further still to a perky pair of titties. Keeani is your tan teen dream cum true.
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Strictly Business
Strictly Business
Featuring: Max Mikita
Max and Mac are business partners who are working on a merger together so they stay up late banging away on their laptops. Of course, the tension of a looming deadline just makes Max horny so she has to find some sort of relief, and that means with your dick between her arches! Watch as this brace-faced Asian strokes a hard cock from boner to busting in a slow and nasty foot job with lots of oil. She starts off by trampling and squeezing it between her feet and then she gives it nice and slow strokes until it gets fully hard. Then it's nothing but nasty talk as she encourages her foot fucker to shove his dick through her foot pussy over and over.
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