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Hi guys, Well, what do you think? Here's the latest evidence of my holiday time in Miami Beach on my last day in the States a few weeks ago. I had spent three days at SCORE, then I took a few days of relaxation in one of my most favorite resorts in the world, South Beach. I really love it here. (I adore Spain too, you know.) We did take some rather serious risks as I went about my shopping and sightseeing with SCORE's Peter Wall as my photographer, companion, friend and bodyguard. (We have been on three Boob Cruises together.) Peter thought I was very cheeky to flash by the police station! I wasn't scared, but the poor darling was a bit nervous. What would a police constable do to me? "Bust" me? We went to Santini Mavardi's lovely shop and I loved trying on his gorgeous shoes.
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