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"I guess that if I asked, 'Do you want fries with that?' that the overwhelming answer would be 'Yes!' Well, I might not be as cheeky with all the customers, but when you're waiting on a table with three, sexy guys, what else would you do? I bet all the waitresses in the 50's got hit on by the guys, and for good reason. I think those waitress uniforms are sexy. They showed off your legs, you could open up the top button or two and show a little cleavage. Or, in my case, quite a bit! "I think a gal like me would have done fabulous as a waitress back then. Guys would have been fighting to sit at my table, and I'm sure when they saw what the service was like I wouldn't have to worry about getting a good tip! I don't know that I always would have gotten their orders right, but I doubt most of them would have minded getting a well-done burger instead of a rare one, or a vanilla malt instead of a strawberry shake. If you had me as a waitress, would you really be paying all that much attention to the food? Really..
April 5th, 2019   
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