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Yes, it might be getting nicer and nicer outside, but this is not one of those new South Beach outfits Linsey wants to wear out night-clubbing in London. "It rides up so high on my bum because my boobs are so big," Linsey explained to us, turning around and showing an ample amount of ass-flesh. We can say this about Linsey's sexy unitard/lingerie crossover: anything that can support and uphold those gargantuan knockers of hers deserves extra praise! As LW member Youppi writes, "She should wear clothes that make her enormous breasts look even more enormous, like tighter bras or tight clothes, she should also show her bum and demonstrate the evidence that unlike other boob models, her breasts are not hanging down, that they stand up by themselves and point straight ahead. Linsey is the best of all times, the best breasts and the best body ever put on the face of the earth." "Thanks, Youppi," says LDM.
December 2nd, 2018   
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