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"How mean can my friends be?! I mean, okay, these are the wonderful guys who make my web site so special, so they do see me every day, but really -- to ignore me while I'm standing right there? I like knowing that they're working hard making all my pics look splendid for all of you every week, but I'm rather not used to men not paying attention to me. Especially not when I'm wearing a skin-tight, black Spandex leotard! When I go to work out and I wear this, I even catch other women staring at me. These practical jokers thought they'd get me riled up by simply going on about their business while I stood around, wondering what was possibly going on. "I bet they just wanted to see how far they could take it, you know? How long could they go before breaking down and noticing me. So, I decided I'd see just who cracked first. It's like the guards outside Buckingham Palace back at home, and how they never smile or laugh.
May 1st, 2019   
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