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1999: The first stop for Linsey and three sweet girls who should need no introduction, Kerry Marie, Lorna Morgan and redheaded Kathy, is the London Motor Show where they had all male eyes mentally removing their SCORE T-shirts and female eyes tossing them jealous looks. British car buffs will get a charge out of seeing the busty birds hang out by the ultra-rare Trotters 3-wheel car. After the day at the auto show exciting every bloke in the place, the next photo shoot for the girls was at a gymnasium where they boxed and wrestled under the watchful eye of their professional trainer. The next event was a work-out session at the gym. Linsey pedals away, Kathy and Kerry use light handweights and Lorna works her core. Footage from the out-of-print British video Bouncing Boobs is posted in The Best of Linsey Bonus in the Video Section.
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