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"Well, don't let it ever be said that I don't try and listen to what all of you say. The e-mail I got the past two weeks has been enormous! And, there's been an overwhelming amount of pressure for more pics of me and Chloe. Well, I usually wouldn't have picked something like this so soon after running our pictures just a few weeks ago, but I certainly wouldn't want to disappoint you all. "And, for those of you who demanded a really good close up of our bottoms, there's just a fabulous shot in here for you-I'm certain it's one you'll like. After watching Chloe's Ultimate Encore (and that's just what it is), I can tell you, Chloe is very comfortable down on all fours, whether it's for another big-boobed gal like me, or a thick, hard guy like Tony. If you haven't seen Chloe's latest tape, I really suggest you check it out.
April 13th, 2019   
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