Karina Hart: She'll Give Your Cock A Workout!

She'll Give Your Cock A Workout!
Hey, Karina, how'd you get those­ ahem­ muscles! "You mean these?" Karina said, flexing a bicep like a muscle woman. "Or do you mean these?" she said, pushing her naked tits together. Hey, we know how she got those: They're natural. God-given. Karina got lucky. As for the muscles in her arms (and they are, admittedly, little muscles), Karina works out regularly, but as she told us the last time we saw her working out (she was using an exercise ball that time), she tends to exercise privately because if she doesn't, she attracts too much attention. "Can you imagine me doing chest exercises on a weight bench?" Karina said (and, yeah, we could). "Everybody would be staring". Karina doesn't need to do many chest exercises. Her chest development is far above average.
September 13th, 2020   
154 mins   

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