Karina Hart: Bikini car wash

Bikini car wash
Where do we begin? With the sight of Karina in a bikini? With the idea of Karina as a girl at the car wash, getting wet and soapy as she cleans and shines your car? Let's start with the bikini. "I wore this bikini to the beach once," Karina said. "Men were tripping over themselves and mothers were covering their children's eyes. I don't know why. I think my breasts are beautiful." Most chicks built like Karina would wear a one-piece to the beach or not go to the beach at all, wrongly thinking that they're over-endowed. But Karina does justice to a bikini like few other girls can. Her succulent curves, her enormous naturals overflowing her bikini top. Truly, beauty and the beach. But, lest we forget, we're not at the beach. We're at a car wash. And Karina is getting all wet. Do we really need to say anything more? The photos and video tell the whole story.
December 5th, 2018   
80 mins   

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