Karina Hart: Temperature's rising

Temperature's rising
It's hot and getting hotter. Karina's in the room, wearing a tight, cleavage-revealing top and a short skirt, and the temperature's rising quickly in your pants. Need a glass of water to cool you down? Maybe an ice cube? Uh-oh! Karina's got both, and what she's doing with them is only going to heat things up. Rubbing the ice cube against her nipples. Making them hard. Making you hard and hot. "I love to tease," Karina said. "It's just hard to tease with these big breasts. They're impossible to hide!" Karina's not hiding anything here as she pops open her top, lifts her heavy hooters over her jugs, lies back on the table and moves her panties aside. Notice how deftly Karina manages to show everything without taking off anything. Of course, she takes it all off eventually (except for those surprisingly sexy knee-highs and always-sexy fuck-me pumps) and inserts an ice-cube-colored dildo deep inside her pussy. "I'm getting hot in here," Karina moans. "I need something to cool me off." Douse her, gentlemen. Douse her.
January 4th, 2019   
100 mins   

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