Karina Hart: Jumping jugs

Jumping jugs
The sight of a chick with H-cup naturals jumping rope is astounding, heart-stopping, history-making. The fact that Karina is wearing a bikini while jumping rope simply boggles the mind and takes this posting to a whole new level. Then, of course, she works the jump rope up between her sweet ass cheeks and pussy lips. Then she wraps the rope around her tits. Gentlemen, here's the deal: We've been in gyms where hot babes wearing next-to-nothing were working out, but we've never seen anything like this. "I don't think I would jump rope in a public gym," Karina admitted. "It would attract too much attention." But, you see, that's what makes this video and these pictures so special. We're seeing something we've dreamt about seeing, something we've never seen in real life. And Karina makes our dreams come true once again.
December 23rd, 2018   
72 mins   

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