Karina Hart: Karina's Secret

Karina's Secret
"What man doesn't enjoy having his woman dress up for him in beautiful lingerie?" Karina asked, knowing the answer. Yes, it's true. We love it. And although we've seen Karina with the casual look and Karina with the businesswoman's look and Karina in elegant going-out clothes, few things can match the erotic excitement we get from seeing Karina in totally slutty lingerie, completely done up in corset, stockings, garters and fuck-me pumps. An outfit that leaves no doubt as to what she wants. "Oh, you know it!" Karina said as she pumped her pussy with a big, carrot-colored dildo. "I would not wear this outfit to clean the house or to cook dinner." She thought about that for a second. "Okay, maybe to cook dinner, but you know what would happen after we eat!" Yep. After we eat, we dine on the main course: Karina. H-cup tits. Long legs. Big ass. Succulent pussy. And this outfit wraps it up for us in one cock-hardening package.
January 10th, 2019   
76 mins   

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