Karina Hart: The wet T-shirt

The wet T-shirt
The clothing vs. naked debate will rage among big-tit lovers forever. On one side, you have the guys who love seeing how a pair of big tits looks in a tight top. Yeah, they wanna see the girls naked, but first they want to see them as they might see them if they passed them on the street. On the other side, you have the guys who say, "I can see girls in clothes any time I want. I want to see them naked!" But there's one thing both sides can agree on: tits in wet T-shirts. It is the ultimate compromise, the ultimate pairing of clothing and nudity, and here, Karina shows us why. As the shower water cascades over Karina's flimsy, white T-shirt, revealing more and more of her H-cup beauties, one almost has the urge to tell her, "You don't have to take off the T-shirt. You can leave it on forever." Because we're seeing all we need to see. But then, the T-shirt finally comes off, and Karina plays with her wet tits and works her sweet pussy with the shower head and a dildo, and suddenly, we don't know which side of this debate we're on. Karina, in and out of a wet T-shirt, has made us lose our minds.
October 30th, 2018   
76 mins   

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