Karina Hart: Dressed for succ-sex!

Dressed for succ-sex!
Karina is a college student. She's far too young to start venturing out into the cold, cruel world. But if she were going on her first post-university job interview, this is what she might be wearing. And imagine if you were her potential employer. Imagine Karina walking into your office wearing this outfit. Right away, you can tell she's beautiful, but is she busty? You think she is, but her jacket is concealing the goodies. She seems nervous, so you say, "Relax. Sit down. Take off your jacket if you'd like." And when she does, jutting out her chest as she removes her arms from the garment's sleeves, you know she's not just busty. She's super-stacked! "You're hired!" you have the urge to say, but you have to at least make this seem like a respectable interview. You have to make believe you're hiring her for something other than her tits. "Now, Ms. Hart," you begin. "Would you be interested in the position of private secretary?"
September 27th, 2018   
73 mins   

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