Christy Marks: Vintage Marks

Vintage Marks
In the beginning of her career as one of the all-time best boner-inducing hotties of the universe, Christy Marks was just an 18-year-old girl from a small town in Pennsylvania. And although she knew she had big knockers, she didn't think that those H-cup tits would be the catalyst that would make all of us jack in wonder and awe. She was shy and self-conscious. She did things that all teens did; yoga, listening to music and dancing. And, in all the naivety of youth, she was pretty unaware of her sex appeal. In fact, she didn't really get what the big deal about her tits was. (As if H-cups come along every day!) Thank goodness we knew a treasure when we saw it! In this set (Shot on Christy's first visit to SCORE!) Christy was just beginning to bloom as a model and become less self-conscious about her body. And what an amazing body it is. This is one of those moments, captured in time, that mark the moment when a star is born. That star is Christy Marks and this is her moment to shine.
April 24th, 2019   
108 mins   

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