Christy Marks: For The Boys...(And The Girls, Too)

For The Boys...(And The Girls, Too)
Christy loves all of you who love her boobs. And how do we know this? Because she said, "Let's give them something special!" And then told us that she wanted to shoot Polaroids while we did this photo shoot. And then she signed them and suggested that we give you guys a chance to win some of them. These are the actions of a chick who loves her fans. She went through all this extra trouble just so that she could give you a little piece of herself. We know we are partial to Ms. Marks and all, but we have to say, she is one hell of a girl. Those tits aren't her biggest's her heart. (But her tits ARE fun to look at, aren't they?)
February 6th, 2021   
80 mins   

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