Christy Marks: Soda Jerk...Off

Soda Jerk...Off
Christy, Christy, Christy...she is everything you could want in a chick--big titties, a pretty smile and willing to play dress-up in costumes just to fulfill your every fantasy. So, when she got a letter from a fan asking her to dress up as a soda jerk from days of old she asked, "What's a soda jerk?" (She's a youngun', what can you expect?) And then we tried to explain it to her, she said, "I love soda. Can you make me a float?" So, of course we said yes. And she dressed up...sort of. You see, when she got her float, she drank some of it and just started getting naked. So, yeah, we shot it as is. It may not be 100% accurate and she might not look like a soda jerk, per se, but hey, there's a soda and she's naked for you to jerk to, so that will have to suffice. Besides, who can complain when she is licking whipped cream off of her nipples?
August 27th, 2018   
86 mins   

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