Christy Marks: Cum Bath

Cum Bath
The first thing you should know is that Christy has one of the dirtiest minds this side of the Mississippi. That said, it's no wonder that she needs a long, hot bath...she's sure to have been behaving badly, doing naughty things. However, Christy knows how to conserve water, so she decides to bathe with a friend. And then she drops the bomb on us...this is no ordinary bath she is taking. No, this bath is the precursor to another type of bath; a cum bath. How does someone take a cum bath? Well, they get titty-fucked, suck cock, get slammed in about four different positions and then they beg for nut sauce to be smeared all over them. Sounds refreshing, huh?
July 19th, 2018   
45 mins   

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