Christy Marks: These Tits Are Fucking HUGE

These Tits Are Fucking HUGE
Here's a rhetorical question for you: How big does this dress make Christy's gargantuan bosoms look? No need to answer because the reply is as obvious as the big tits in our faces: Christy's tits are fucking huge. What we mean is that they are huge and we would love to fuck them, of course. But her tits are not the only things we love about her. We are also big fans of Christy's flexibility, especially when she puts her legs behind her head. This makes her tits protrude out from between her legs and they literally sit right above her pussy. It's like you get the whole package when she busts this move which is why we think that when she is not walking around or bouncing her big tits up and down, Christy should assume the fuck pretzel position.
January 3rd, 2019   
87 mins   

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