Christy Marks: "Let Me Handle Your Package."

"Let Me Handle Your Package."
So you called in sick to work and you're having one of those lazy recovery days where you recoup from a night partying with the guys. You're home alone, watching some crappy television, thinking about having a pizza and some cold ones for lunch. It's cool, we've all done it, man. Suddenly the doorbell rings and you roll your eyes, thinking it's probably some annoying solicitor, trying to get you to buy something. You swing the door open, wearing your best "I don't want anything you're selling" face and lo and behold, it's Christy Marks and she has a special delivery for you. Now the question is, do you sign for the parcel or do you beg Christy to handle your package before you do?
October 20th, 2018   
100 mins   

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