Christy Marks: Sexytime in the Surf

Sexytime in the Surf
Let's imagine for a second that you are a man lost at sea and you see the shore but are almost too weak to make it there. You paddle helplessly, arms flailing and then you see something in the distance that could be a mirage. It's a tiny woman with huge tits on the shore and she is running towards the water. Then she dives in and she is swimming to you. She tells you to grab on to her huge jugs and then she pulls you to safety with her luscious pair of lifeboats. You get to the shore and you won't let go of her giant jumbos. When she asks you if you require mouth-to-mouth you shake your head no, but manage to let her know that some mouth-to-cock might revive you. Would this scenario ever happen? Probably not, but watching Christy frolic in the surf in this video is almost as good. Especially when she tells you that it's always been her fantasy to cum on the beach and here she is living it out for the first time in front of your very eyes. While she shoves salty fingers in her wet gash,. you go ahead and shoot some of your salty load.
June 22nd, 2018   
122 mins   

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