Christy Marks: Lusty Busty Lemonade

Lusty Busty Lemonade
It's summer, it's fucking hot and you're dying of thirst. You're driving around, looking for some refreshment and you see something in the horizon. At first, it appears to be a figment of your imagination. It looks like a sign and a pair of big tits, bouncing around wildly. You rub your eyes and tell yourself that you must be seeing things because you're looking at one of the biggest-titted chicks you've ever seen and she's running a lemonade stand. Then she starts stripping off her clothes and you realize, yes, those tits are real and yes, she wants you to come over and have a refreshing glass of her special lemonade. What makes it special? Well, Christy, the big-titted entrepreneur squeezes those lemons with her huge melons. Yup, she tit-squeezes your beverage. Then, for a big tip, she masturbates for you, right out in the open. By now, you've forgotten your thirst and you are forced to give in to your carnal hunger.
August 6th, 2018   
80 mins   

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