Christy Marks: Candy Cock for Sugar Tits

Candy Cock for Sugar Tits
Christy's got what you would call a pair of sweet tits. The kind of tits that'd prompt you to tell a chick to get on top, 'cause who wouldn't want to watch these puppies bouncing up and down? And who wouldn't want to tell Christy to lean forward and put those tits in their face? Those tits are the stuff that wet dreams are made of. Here we see Christy and her sweet tits in a candy shop. The candy shop idea seems pretty redundant because who would want to eat candy when they could suck on her oh-so-tasty whoppers? But, when she stumbles across a candy cock, and promptly puts it in her mouth, we kind of overlook the whole candy shop thing and our minds go straight to the idea of a BJ from Christy, and that could never suck.
March 13th, 2019   
100 mins   

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