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Do blondes have more fun? Chloe's friends SaRenna Lee and Danni Ashe would always tell Chloe that, so when Chloe was getting ready for this "Woman In Red" photo shoot, she was looking through the wardrobe room and started pulling out all kinds of wigs. That's the kind of girl Chloe is. Many men envision a dark, sultry seductress full of mystery and intrigue, and, yes, that's Chloe. But, she's also a playful little girl, who wants to experience everything she can. She picked up this blonde wig, put it on and, when the photographer called for Chloe to come out to take pictures, she came out just the way you see her here. Nervous about her appearance, Chloe's apprehension turned to joy when all of the production assistants started whistling and clapping.
August 2nd, 2018   
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