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The first page of Chloe covers shot on medium format film was produced for the June 1999 edition of SCORE Magazine, which is sold-out of the Chloe on-line store. This issue featured a special article and featured eight full page photos of Chloe from different pictorials. In the text, we wrote "Is the end near for Chloe Vevrier? Even Chloe is unsure. She has finished her studies in Germany, and Chloe indicated in the spring of 1998 that she was hanging up her bra for good." Guess we jumped the gun a bit, didn't we? Do you blame us? The fact is that Chloe is excellent at keeping everyone hanging by a thread about what the future holds for her..and for those like us who worship the Teutonic Temptress. We love her anyway -- that's obvious. As we all happily know, three years and many photo shoots later, Chloe didn't throw her mighty bra overboard and abandon modeling while she continued with her holistic studies, and yoga and Tantric sex practices.
July 27th, 2018   
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