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Those Chloe lovers who saw "Ultimate Encore" have marveled at how well Kathy and Chloe fit together. Kathy aka "Russian Kathy" (a Russian ex-pat living and working in London, England) is a good friend of Chloe. They met each other through the John Graham Studio in London, where Kathy was brought in many times when they needed a hot Lesbian with lots of experience in seducing and controlling the action in girl-girl videos. Chloe and Kathy spent many hours just talking and communicating when Chloe was in town. They have a loving relationship that is bursting with eroticism, sensuality and sexuality and they feel good about being together. When these two have sex, it's the real deal with window shattering orgasms.They know each others' pussies perfectly.
May 8th, 2019   
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