Chloe Vevrier Big Boobs

Chloe Vevrier: About Me

Height 5' 3"
Weight 121 lbs.
Measurements 40-26-36
Bra Size 34-EE
Birthday Sept. 18
Country Germany

Back in the summer of 1992, SCORE first saw the first photos of a young Chloe Vevrier. "We couldn't believe our eyes. She was a superstar before she even posed!" says SCORE publisher & CEO John Fox, who has been producing big-bust magazines for three decades and has seen many of the best naturally busty models come and go. "That's what makes Chloe so special. Most girls pose for a few times then disappear. Because Chloe has appeared in every men's magazine many times, guys have a tendency to take her for granted. But, make no mistake about it. She's one of the greatest naturally busty models of all time."

She made her SCORE debut in January '93. Chloe has adapted well to the attention her body has brought her but wears her celebrity with comfort. "When you start with very little, you have low expectations," Chloe said. Chloe was born in East Berlin to French and Czech parents. "I didn't have any luxuries like proper bras or new panties when I was young, but I didn't expect them either. My family existed, like all the other families." She always considered herself a normal child, but her family life and teenage years were anything but that. "I played athletics like a lot of the other girls when I was young," remembers Chloe. "Growing up in a socialist country was difficult. Everybody was very naive about life and especially sex. Americans have television with kissing, and cable television with real sex. I had to practice kissing with a girlfriend."