Merilyn Sakova » Ass Creamed

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Here's something different for you to sink your dick into. Merilyn gets creamy (yeah, we know, those tits are always creamy), and the cream doesn't simply get all over her tits, it gets all over her pussy and in her asshole, too. And while we're at it--or while the camera is at it--we get some delightful, lingering views of Merilyn's ass and asshole, too. Now, a word about Merilyn's ass. If you're into ghetto booties--you know, big and round with plenty of pushion for the cushion--well, that's not what Merilyn's booty is all about. Merilyn's ass is a little more than a handful, and we know there are plenty of guys out there who love overflowing tits and peach-sized asses.
15:12 mins   

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