Merilyn Sakova » House Sitting

Jerry emails from the bottom of his heart: "I have just seen Merilyn's Second Cumming, and I must say -- Merilyn is the greatest natural big boob model of all time, boobs down!!! But it isn't just her giant, disproportionate, mouthwatering, perfectly round white chest pillows -- honestly. It's also her lovely face, beautiful eyes, sweet and sexy demeanor, trim, athletic body, and gorgeous legs. There is just nothing on this girl that doesn't rivet a guy's attention. Even gays and stiffs! Holy moley. I must commend you guys on Merilyn's second video. In particular, the higher camera angles accentuate Merilyn's top-heavy build in the mostarousing way.
April 30th, 2018   
14:40 mins   

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