Merilyn Sakova » Merilyn And Jelena A Spanking Good Time

Voluptuous and XLGirls model Jelena Jasper is a great help with Merilyn photo shoots. She's Ukrainian also, which makes them homegirls. Now, normally, Jelena is very jovial and cheery but Merilyn did something to anger Jelena on this visit. So Jelena is going to have to punish a very contrite Merilyn, who makes that "Home Alone" face. Stern-looking Jelena has Merilyn bend over her knees and take her spanks until Merilyn agrees to behave better. (Any man lucky enough to get to spank Merilyn over his knee would have a massive erection by the third smack.) After Merilyn's ass-whacks have been doled out, both girls pose individually to show off their huge-boobed bods.
March 2nd, 2019   
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